Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canonical Open sources Launchpad Code

Canonical Ltd, the official sponsors of the Ubuntu distribution today made Launchpad code open sorce.
Launchpad is a code hosting a collaborating tool to create sites similar to Google code and Sourceforge and is being used at Canonical's own Launchpad
It was released today under the GNU Affero General Public license, version 3. The announcement was made early this morning on the Launchpad Blog by Developer Karl Fogel.
According to the blog post Canonical had previously announced that they would be holding back two components (codehosting and soyuz), but they changed their minds. All the code is open.
If you need to collaborate with the launchpad team on further development of development related issues the Canonical Launchpad developers will be on IRC in channel #launchpad-dev on irc.freenode.net. For usage issues, #launchpad is still the place, as before.
Feel free to read the announcement at http://blog.launchpad.net/general/launchpad-is-now-open-source
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1 comment:

Khalifa.Rouis said...

This is a good news !
Launchpad is a great/easy to use platform for collaborative work. But until recently it was appalling to contribute to the development/translation/promotion of FOSS on a proprietary platform ! (that's mainly why I stopped, personally, working there since 2006). I hope that things will, "politically", go better within Canonical : For promoting liberties can't be done with restrictive/proprietary Software.
Thank you for the info anyway Hanen (^^')