Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ask now for your Ubuntu CD 9.04, it's free!

Although I'm not an Ubuntu expert, but I felt the duty to inform you that the packaged OS is already available within the Ubuntu 9.04 original CD.

The truly amazing thing here is: request and delivery of CDs is completely free and without any additional cost associated with ... This is an awesome opportunity to ask for some copies to distribute between family and friends, showing the great potential of this Operating System.

Some of the novelties of this version:

* GNOME 2:26 the Brasero - implementing all-in-one recording CD's / DVD's process with improved handling of multiple monitors with an update in gnome-display-properties 
* X.Org Server 1.6 
* New-style reports and preferences for notifications     
* Faster Boot   
* Linux Kernel 2.6.28-11.37       
* EXT4 file system Support
* In cloud computing (in Server Edition)     
* Mail servers ready for use

Make your requests now!

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